Ninjago City

One of my favourite cities to build.


Castles, knights, and dragons - oh my.


Santa's workshop and other holiday themed displays.

Monthly Challenges

Fun, unique builds I create for NALUG's monthly build challenges.

From bricks to mocs

Incredible ways to assemble little Lego pieces into amazing creations.


"I don't just build, I create."



It's amazing what you can do with just a few pieces.

From castles to cities, I like to create detailed scenes for my minifigures. My favourite Lego theme is space. I started at a young age building spaceships. Now I spend my free time making my own creations.

My wife, Julaine, is a great help and always encourages me to build bigger and better. Check out her instagram profile.

Each year we create a Christmas scene and our focus is typically Santa's village.

I frequently film the crazy amounts of pieces I sort. I also like to take videos of disassembling my creations. Checkout my YouTube page for these videos.

Check out my Instagram profile to see some of my past lego photography.